Future Operating Sessions

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Attendance at Sierra Western operating sessions is only by invitation of the owner or crew caller.

Op Session Date Session Layoff Date Bid Cut-Off Date
Fri 08/19/2022AMFri 08/05/2022Fri 08/12/2022
Fri 09/16/2022PMFri 09/02/2022Fri 09/09/2022
Fri 10/21/2022AMFri 10/07/2022Fri 10/14/2022
Fri 11/18/2022PMFri 11/04/2022Fri 11/11/2022
Fri 12/16/2022AMFri 12/02/2022Fri 12/09/2022
Fri 01/20/2023PMFri 01/06/2023Fri 01/13/2023
Fri 02/17/2023AMFri 02/03/2023Fri 02/10/2023
Fri 03/17/2023PMFri 03/03/2023Fri 03/10/2023
Fri 04/21/2023AMFri 04/07/2023Fri 04/14/2023
Fri 05/19/2023PMFri 05/05/2023Fri 05/12/2023
Fri 06/16/2023AMFri 06/02/2023Fri 06/09/2023
Fri 07/21/2023PMFri 07/07/2023Fri 07/14/2023
Fri 08/18/2023AMFri 08/04/2023Fri 08/11/2023
Fri 09/15/2023PMFri 09/01/2023Fri 09/08/2023

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