Crew Notices

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The following is effective as of January 1, 2004:

The following pertains to regularly scheduled operating sessions only:


There are two categories of operating personnel on the Sierra Western: Regular and Extra Board. Placement of operating personnel into these categories is done by the Layout Owner.

  1. Regular Crew must inform the Crew Caller at least eleven days before a session if they will not be attending.
  2. Ten days before a session, the Crew Caller will begin to contact Extra Board personnel needed to fill the Call Board to see if they wish to attend. They have 48 hours to respond. If no response is received within 48 hours, it will be taken that the Extra Board personnel do not wish to attend. The Crew Caller will continue contacting Extra Board personnel until the Call Board is full.

E-mail is the preferred contact method between the Crew Caller and operating personnel; telephone and in person is acceptable.

Operating personnel present, but not on the Call Board, may be assigned as needed by the Crew Caller or Asst. Division Super.

Please, guests are welcome, but prior notification to the Layout Owner and the Crew Caller is required.

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