Sierra Western Railroad

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These pages established and maintained for the edification and enjoyment of model railroaders everywhere, especially those who have, are, or will operate on the Sierra Western Railroad.

The Sierra Western Railroad is a large class 1 system. The actual modeled portion is a 70 mile segment of a main line between Butte, Montana and Boise, Idaho, the Sun Valley Division. The time is the late 1960ís and there is a mix of first and second generation diesels. The division is home to the SW steam preservation program, and at times steam is used on revenue freights. Southern Pacific, in arrangements with the SW, operates passenger and mail trains across the division between Sacramento, California and Butte, Montana.

There are five major towns, two branch lines and two active interchanges on this portion of the line. One, a connection with the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific to Spokane, Washington, and the other with Union Pacific, connecting to Pocatello, Idaho. Traffic across the division breaks down to approximately 60% bridge, 30% local and 10% interchange. Except for the Cimarron Terminal area, which is Tower Controlled, the division is dark, and is operated by timetable and train order. The steepest grades on the Sierra Western are found here, and the railroad utilizes helpers to assist trains over the passes of the Lost River Range.

There are roughly 30 trains a day on the division.

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